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Australia's First and Only Online Shop that Supports Local Pet Stores

We are a passionate team that started as a small independent pet store over 8 years ago. With support from a great community, we have grown and thrived as a small business and when the opportunity to create a tech platform to support our business came along, we grabbed it and did not look back – and that was how PawsEco and PawsSpree came about.

PawsSpree was created to support and empower small independent pet stores, giving them instant online presence without additional cost or the headache of a large inventory.
The power of PawsSpree is that we are not in competition with your local pet stores, we complement and support them by offering them an online presence and fulfilment capabilities.So for days that you are unable to walk in to the store or if you are looking for products that your local store might not stock, you can easily shop on PawsSpree and nominate your favorite online pet store in Australia for us to pass on part of the proceeds from your purchases.

With our vision to be the online shop that empowers and supports local pet stores, we strive for constant innovation and growth to be your favorite online shop.

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About Us

A very humble 2012 beginning ….

With only $3,000 worth of products and a retail space of 20sqm, Paw4Friends was established. The store was a modest layout filled with some quirky pet products and a small variety of pet food.

We quickly realised that trying to maintain the business through sale of products alone was not going to be enough to keep the doors open. We needed to evolve our initial business model and so 3 months in, we purchased our very first Hydrobath (Dog wash tub) and extended our store offering to now include dog wash service.

The months that followed were incredible and the support from the community was overwhelming.