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The stylish Puppia Gingham Soft Harness is a sophisticated, super chic and cute!

This harness from Puppia is extremely comfortable particularly around the neck. It also comes with a re-sizable chest belt for that perfect fit.

The front and collar portion is made of a soft polyester that fits broadly across your dog’s chest so he can walk comfortably and any pressure from the leash is distributed evenly across his neck and shoulders instead of at his neck!
The adjustable waist belt with side release clip ensures a great fit.

Why buy a Puppia Harness

Comfort. The materials used in Puppia soft harness are assured to provide maximum comfort for your dog. It doesn’t restrict your dog’s movements, and won’t chafe or rub causing their hair to mat or tangle.
Puppia soft harnesses help to protect your dog’s neck, by distributing the weight of your dog across its shoulders removing the strain from the neck. A perfect alternative for standard collars
Great for growing puppies as the Puppia soft harness can be adjusted to fit as your pup grows.
Machine washable.
Recommended by veterinarians all over the world.
Features of the Puppia Gingham Soft Harness

Soft comfortable neck
Polyester air mesh
Padded chest section
Adjustable chest belt
Soft blue check fabric frill around the neck
Blue Check trim around edges of the harness.

Extra Small

Breast girth: 26-38cm
Neck girth: 22cm


Breast girth: 30-42cm
Neck girth: 27cm


Breast girth: 38-52cm
Neck girth: 33cm


Breast girth: 48-66cm
Neck girth: 38cm

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Blue, Orange


Small, Medium