pidan® Pet Dispenser Toy – Capsule – Pink


pidan Dog Treat Toy Roly Poly Food Ball Dispenser for Medium and Small Dog Puppy

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Healing loneliness: This treat toy capsule helps a pet relieve mental stress and loneliness during alone time. It prevents and eases “separation anxiety” when an owner is not around.
Never Stop Fun: The tumbler design makes it a good playmate. With the two-sided holes for food supply, your pet can play while dining.
Safe and Selected Material: High-quality ABS contributes to durability.
Use Tips: 1. When your pet is biting the toy, stop it in time, and guide it to stir the toy with its head and paws. 2. Offer the food toy to your pet when you are leaving, and take it back after returning. It will make your pet look forward to the next play alone.

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