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Pidan Cat Auto Toy is an entertaining and automated game designed to tease and give your cat tons of fun! You can make your kitty go wild with the hanging bait feature that lowers and raises! The switchable bait is constructed out of extremely soft fabric along with a catnip insert. By pressing just once, your furry friend will love every single minute of the game.

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ONLY one press, your cat can fully enjoy the hunting toy for 8 minutes!
TWO Styles, Fantastic and Cute “Fishing”-like Cat Teaser.
Adjustable Spiral Locking Structure with a 65 cm Nylon Hanging String.
Happy hunting at any time and any place!
Replaceble refills are available too!

Rabbit Shaped Cat Teaser Type: 94*78*168mm, Cumulonimbus Cloud Type: 111*55*171mm
Net Weight:Rabbit Shaped Cat Teaser Type: 122.5g, Cumulonimbus Cloud Type: 136.5g
Material: ABS (Rabbit Part, Cloud Part), PC (Base), Crystal Velvet Fabric (Pendant)

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