pidan® Dog Toy Ball – Falling Stone


“Durable ball that is: bite-resistant, non-toxic, odourless, helps to clean teeth, cares for your dog’s health, no stuffing = long time chewing.
Highly elasticity creates a ball that can float on water allowing your dog to enjoy play on both land and water
Is designed for irregular movements, making every bounce is unpredictable. “

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SOLID SAFE BALL: A durable ball made of TPR material, bit-resistant, non-toxic, odourless, helps to clean teeth, cares your dog’s health.
BITE RESISTANT: No-Stuffing ball for a long time chewing, reduce damage to furniture and feel less lonely when you are not home.
MORE BOUNCE MORE FUN: It is highly elastic and can float on the water, allowing your dog to enjoy not only chasing time but also happy dabbling hours.
The aerolite ball is designed for irregular movements, and every bounce is unpredictable.


1. Please wash it after use, and well store it after drying.

2. It is a consumable product. Please replace it on a regular basis.

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