Pidan® Cat Scratcher (Memphis) – Triangle


“The multi-purpose scratching post and toy for cats is made of new pulp raw material with maximal durability.
The right angle design allows multi-faceted pleasure.
For the obverse side, there is a ball-in-an –orbit, offering additional sensory stimulation.
The interior is hollowed out for your cat’s hide-and-seek play and rest.
Tons of Fun!”

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  • Select thick and environment-friendly high-quality cardboard, and it is compact and neat. The dense scratching board consumes your cat’s destructive power.
  • Regarding the Memphis style, a variety of bright, fun, high-chroma bright colours is used to express personalized cultural connotations, from innocence and funny to grotesque and bizarreness.
  • There is additional fun with the bell ball.
  • An artful cat hole is a secret corner for your cat.
  • The selected high-density paper makes it more durable and wear-resistant. The cuts are clean and neat.

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