Pidan® Cat Scratcher (Cat Hut)


Your cat deserves all the love and pampering in this world! Pidan Cat Scratcher Hut is a 2 in 1 scratching lounger. A round-shaped, disc-like scratcher made of thick cardboard, this will also be a perfect lounger for your cat.

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  • The product is specially designed for box-loving cats. The multi-purpose cat catching board is made of new pulp with maximal durability! Say goodbye to dull cat houses.
  • Perfect Dimension: 31.8×33×50.5 cm. It admits a cat of a common shape.
  • There are two colour options, providing lots of fun!
  • The door of an appropriate dimension well satisfies your cat’s flexible movement while offering access to hide-and-seek play.
  • The small windows furnish your cat with additional fun and allow intimate cat-owner interaction.
  • The interior is hollowed out for a cat to hide and rest.
  • The scratching board is set at the bottom of the cat house, preventing paper scraps from scattering around. Simply, all you should do is to clean it regularly.
  • The package comes with:  Cat House Shell x 1  Scratching Board x1


1. Keep the product dry. Do NOT place it in a damp place.

2. Keep it away from fire.

3. It is a consumable product. Please replace it regularly.


Size: 31.8×33×50.5cm

Net Weight:810g

Materials: Corrugated Pape

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Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 32 × 33 × 51 cm

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