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Chewable oral flea treatments are an ideal way to control parasites in your dog. Oral solution to superficial treatments for flea and tick prevention.

A long lasting treatment that requires only 4 doses a year. Doesn’t involve any messy applications and won’t require you to quarantine your dog either. Pill is palatable, so your dog will like the taste. Once ingested, Bravecto works fast to kill fleas and ticks – your dog will feel the difference in 24 hours

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Bravecto Chew for Dogs
Long-lasting protection from dangerous paralysis ticks and frustrating fleas.
Just one tasty chew defends your dog from paralysis ticks for 4 months and fleas for 3 months.

Also treats brown dog ticks, bush ticks, Sarcoptes, Demodex and ear mites.
Can be used in puppies over 8 weeks of age, weighing at least 2 kg and safe in breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs

More than 100 million doses of Bravecto for dogs and cats have been dispensed worldwide.

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