Oxyfresh Gel (28g) & Finger Brush


“FRESHENS BREATH – Beats breath bones, dental chews, & flavored products that mask bad breath. Pet parents love our kit!
CLEANS TEETH & REMOVES PLAQUE – The easiest way to clean pets’ teeth, fight periodontal disease, and strengthen their gum tissue.
IMPROVES PET DENTAL HEALTH – Our best in show kit is the perfect, soothing solution between vet dental cleanings.
ODORLESS AND TASTELESS – No fragrances or flavors to offend your four-legged friend’s sensitive taste buds.
GREAT FOR CATS AND DOGS – No more separate cat toothpaste & dog toothpaste, our easy dental care solution is safe for all pets.”

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Eliminate Pet Bad Breath

Gently brushing with our Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste works to combat gingivitis in dogs and cats without harsh enzymes, flavors or fragrances. Oxyfresh fights plaque, promotes healthy gums, and give them the freshest breath. Just apply the dental gel to their gums using your finger or the finger brush.