Petkit®Eversweet 2- Smart Drinking Fountain- 2L


Conveniently purify your pet’s water and keep them hydrated throughout the day with the help of the Petkit Eversweet 2 Smart Drinking Fountain.

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EVERSWEET 2 Smart Pet Drinking Fountain

Second generation of PETKIT smart water fountain was born with mission in upgrade of softening and purification. At the same time, the water flow encourages your pets to drink more.


Circulated Filtration System creates A Source of Fresh Water: Circulating constantly in W-shaped route through screen tray, microscopic hole cotton strainer, activated carbon filter and ion exchange resin.

Upgrade in Filter: Double the volume of effective filter materials in Purolite ion exchange resin and coconut shell based activated carbon.

360° Water Flow: W-shaped water flow ensures a constant and complete filtration. Water is fully purified.

Continual Water Circulation: To satisfy pets’ innate need for fresh water, we provide unique water spouting, just like the natural streams of spring water.

Smart Mode Switch: Switch Normal and Smart mode and Smart Mode can automatically change between day and night.

Dimension: 18*18*15.5cm

Material: ABS

Net Weight: 1kg

Capacity: 2L