Tomcat® Pet Wipes for Eyes (Tear Stains) 150pcs


Multifunction Pet Wipes: The tear stain remover pads are pre-soaked in the natural formula and can be used to remove stains left by mucus, crud, tears, or saliva.

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Make Pet Beautiful: it can help remove the tear stains and improve the appearance.
Simple to Use: wipe each area softly using a separate pad for each area, which is hygiene to avoid cross-contamination.
Adding Aloe vera Leaf Extract: leaves pets’ skin moisturised and refreshed without stickiness and irritation
Daily Use: keep the eye exterior clean and help reduce the risk of eye irritation and itching caused by foreign matter.
Enough: one product contains 100 pieces, which can meet your all demands.
Safe and Healthy: all materials of the wipe are natural and non-toxic, gentle and harmless.
1. Remove one eye wipe from the container with clean hands.
2. Clean your pet’s eyes as needed.
3. Dispose of used wipes in trash, DO NOT flush.
4. Close the lid tightly so wipes will not dry out.

Material: Cloth
Type: Pet Cleaning Tissue

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Tea Tree, Aloe Vera