pidan® Catnip -2.5g


“Natural catnip, organic, safe and harmless.
Block the air by cork to maintain freshness.
Starting from a small amount to let your cats be happy.”

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Catnip is a natural and non-toxic herb. Most cats are truly interested in the flavour of catnip, and they would be in temporary excitement after licking, touching or eating catnip.
For most cats, catnip provides fun, focused energy and enthusiasm that mellows into pure pleasure.
Pidan Catnip is natural, organic, safe and harmless, and can help lift its spirit, regulate its stomach, sooth its nerves and promote its relationship with you.
Use catnip to attract cats to toys, scratchers and bedding – attracts cats like a magnet!
Pidan Catnip is packed in a solid and durable acrylic bottle with high transmittance. Block the air by cork to maintain freshness.

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