pidan® Igloo Cat Litter Box


Offers a spacious layout with easy access for cats of all ages/sizes
Well-ventilated and well lit. Offers your cat security and privacy
Made from safe, non-toxic and tasteless raw materials
Scoop can be hid inside or put outside and you can simply lift the dome to clean it
The soft colors blend in perfectly with different home decors

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Innovative and spacious, the cleverly designed Igloo Cat Litter Box won the Red Dot Design Award in 2016 and features a unique construction that provides your cat with privacy and helps stop litter tracking. The igloo-shaped litter box features two wide steps inside that have holes to catch loose litter on your cat’s paws before they leave the litter box. The long passageway leads to the bottom of the cat litter tray to give your cat full privacy when doing their business.

You can lift the top of the dome to scoop out pet waste and clean the litter box. A scooper is included for your convenience and has slots to sift the litter and capture only the clumps. The base and top have no edges to make the litter box easier to clean and maintain. Made from durable, high-quality polypropylene material, the Igloo Cat Litter Tray provides long-lasting use and designed with IONPURE Japanese antibacterial technology for a cleaner environment for your cat. You can use premium Pidan cat litter with this cat litter box (sold separately).


  • Award-winning and innovative cat litter box cleverly designed to stop litter tracking and give your cat maximum privacy when they’re doing their business
  • Igloo-shaped cat litter box with minimalistic look and spacious interior for comfort
  • Long passageway with 2 wide steps made with multiple holes to catch litter and stop litter tracking when your cat leaves the litter box
  • Cover can be lifted to easily scoop out waste and clean the litter box
  • Made from non-toxic, raw, safe materials with anti-bacterial technology
  • Includes a wide scoop that can be placed inside the litter box or outside it
  • Compatible with Pidan Cat Litter (sold separately)
  • Designed in France and won the 2016 Red Dot Design Award
  • Best for small to medium-sized cats and easy to assemble
  • No edges or corner for easy cleaning

Set Includes:

Igloo Cat Litter Box


Dimensions: 56cm x 55cm x 50cm

Material: Polypropylene (eco-friendly, recyclable) with Japanese antibacterial technology (IONPURE)

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 56 × 55 × 50 cm