The Ultimate Guide To Raising A Puppy In 2021

The Ultimate Guide To Raising A Puppy In 2021

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No wonder the little paws are adorable, and some pet parents are crazy about their furry friends. Why not? They are cute bundles of love, laughter, and joy. But raising a dog is a tough row to hoe; they require a lot of attention and care. For someone who has no idea of raising a dog before, it can be pretty daunting.

Getting a dog is the greatest gift of life as canines are known as the most intelligent companions for humankind. But with cute paws & gleamy eyes comes great responsibility. Raising a pet is just like raising your own toddler, which certainly needs much care and attention.

You must have seen ample videos/stories on Facebook or Instagram of cute puppies having fun, but it’s not always the same. Your new furry friend will be ripping your shoes to shreds, getting hurt, and a lot of misbehaving. If you are ready to take on this enormous responsibility, you must know the top 10 must-know things before bringing a puppy home. Knowing the pros and cons associated with raising a puppy will help you make the right decision of a lifetime. 

There are amazing facts about canines that you must know- 

  1. Sense of smell is 40x better than humans. 
  2. Dogs can sniff and breathe simultaneously.
  3. Dogs’ heartbeat is 50 times faster than humans.
  4. There are over 4.8 million pet dogs in Australia.
  5. 38% of Australian households own a dog.
  6. Dogs can understand up to 250 words & phrases like a 2-year toddler.

Here’s how are some key points to raise a puppy successfully-

  1. Understanding The Specific Needs For Your Breed

Most people already know which breed they are going to adopt. Different breeds have different traits- some like playing and have happy nature while others are lovable & aggressive. You must know the needs of each breed, especially the one you are looking forward to adopting. Some breeds need more exercise than others. Notably, families with toddlers or tweens should consider adopting a dog over 5 months as puppies have sharp teeth and might hurt your other loved one. 

  1. Look Over The Finances

It’s great if you favor adopting than buying a canine. However, both the alternatives incur additional charges after you bring your furry friend home. Owning a dog is expensive, and you must look over the finances for its successful bringing up from pup to a full-grown dog. There could be unplanned vet visits, pet products, training expenses, and other miscellaneous costs such as doggy daycare, pet insurance, and more throughout their life.

It is necessary to preplan everything and create a budget plan with detailed cost estimates for various dog accessories, other useful products, and services.

  1. Find Dog Professionals

To keep your new pet healthy, you need to find the right vet for your pup—someone who matches your budget and has good client feedback. You can search online or ask your loved ones for recommendations. Vets help you examine the pup’s physical as well as emotional well-being. The vet can aid you with the needful vaccinations and tell you more about your pet’s behavior.

  1. Puppy Nutrition

Your pupper will become a full-grown dog in no time, and it is essential to understand feeding timetables to maintain a healthy weight and energy levels. Your puppy will proliferate during its time from six months to one year. Puppy nutrition is not just keeping their food timings but also their food cycles and behaviors. Different breeds have diverse dietary needs. Pups should be fed small amounts of kibble 3-4 times a day. Remember, introduce adult food gradually during the transitions from puppy to adult dog.

  1. Health Insurance Is A Priority.

Responsible pet parents understand the importance of health insurance. Many organizations offer various plans to choose what’s best for your pet. You can easily manage routine care, including wellness exams, vaccines, and more for your pet if you manage your finances efficiently. But an insurance plan that has you covers is best as it will relieve a lot of stress and financial burden. 

  1. Train & Socialize

Training and socializing play an important role in the overall growth of your adorable pet. Dogs need to learn about their space and behave friendly with other dogs as well as people. It helps prevent any behavior issues and helps your pet gain confidence and navigate new experiences. The basic training to start with your pupper is crate training and walking on a leash.

  1. Supplies You’ll Need

Ideally, you will need a few supplies or dog accessories for your new friend to raise a pet. You can buy them from the best pet stores in Australia or purchase them online to save extra bucks and doorstep delivery. Always start with the essentials first; ask your trainer/vet for the required supplies. 

A few of them are: 

  • Basic leash for training
  • Adjustable collar with ID tags
  • Dog Shampoo
  • Heartworm medications
  • Dog food
  • Flea products
  • Dog crate with flexible room segment
  • Dog bed
  1. Pups Wellness and Care 

Besides your puppy’s mental stimulation, it’s of utmost importance to take care of physical health. You need to check the food dogs consume; the food must include nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and other necessary nutrients for healthy growth. Avoid overfeeding, as it will get them fatter instead of getting healthier.

Start with light exercises to avoid extra stress on their growing bones and muscles structure.

Some major points to consider while raising healthy paws:

  1. Deworming/ Flea treatment

Puppies tend can develop different types of worms and can affect their health drastically. Puppies need to be dewormed after every (3-6) month. Consult your vet for heartworm vaccination after your puppy is 6 months old, as it has the potential to infect the heart. You can also purchase flea preventives, including collars, oral medications, and more, from the best pet store in Darlinghurst or can buy it online.

  1. Grooming

Every breed has different needs, so research and pamper those adorable paws accordingly. Bathing, brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning are some important things to consider regularly. It helps maintain the hygiene of your canine as well as prevents infections/fleas. You can purchase the best dog accessories online for additional and smooth aid while performing grooming activities.

  1. Vaccinations

Though we might have added this above as extra care is important when your puppy is growing. Just like homo sapiens, dogs need vaccinations too. Vaccination can help prevent deadly diseases like parvovirus, canine cough, hepatitis, and more.


To humankind, dogs are a boon that makes the world a better place (especially the world of the owner). Getting a woofer is a big decision, and raising your pupper demands consistent care, attention, responsibility, and loads of love. You are going to encounter challenges if you are a first-time dog parent. To overcome these challenges, we created this ultimate guide for everything you need to know when raising a dog in 2021.

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