Five Indoor Dog Activities In 2021

Five Indoor Dog Activities In 2021

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Dogs have always been a man’s faithful friend, and no one can assure when this relationship commenced. But we do realize that these furry friends were bread for many purposes based on their intelligence. We know that there isn’t a cuter copilot than a canine with our history between dogs and humans but before bringing a puppy home you should be aware following factors.

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But, dogs need to perform activities to stay healthy- both mentally & physically. The furry pets rely on you to be their workout partners, and doing activities with your dog strengthens your bond and increases stimulation promoting overall good health.

But, let’s talk real over here! Do you really spend some fun time with your dog? 

We know the answer for many out there.

A dog can behave utterly ill in search of something to do. A bored dog can become destructive, ruining your garden or chewing and tearing the household stuff. Canines are always eager to learn about what’s happening around them. They love to run, smell, walk on new paths, work on their barks, and have fun.

Here are some great activities for you and your furry friend that you can perform on some chilly weather days or when you are too tired to take your dog to your park. 

  1. Practice Training

You can train your dog anytime, but it creates a perfect opportunity to work upon cues or commands if you are indoors. Commands help your dog understand a sense of structure or order. Some of the basic commands include- Look, Emergency Recall, Come, Sit, Lie, Jump, Stay, and more. 

Even though your dog understands or follows these commands, you can always come up with teaching some new fun tricks such as balancing a treat on the nose, shaking hands, taking a bow, play dead, way, spin, give a kiss, or rolling over. 

Dogs are intelligent and can even learn the names of their dog toys. You can help them understand it and ask to get them. If you want to buy some new dog toys, explore the dog accessories shop near you. There are diverse possibilities when it comes to training and practicing at home.

  1. Treat Hunt

Treat hunt is an activity that involves the dog’s favorite exercises like sniffing and eating. To set up a treat hunt, make sure your dog is not in the same room. Next, grab some wonderful smelling treats that your dogs love and hide them in your home. Ensure that you place a treat where your dog can easily access it and do not likely get hurt or damage any personal belongings. 

A few places where you can put up the treats are after furniture, behind the doors, in his own home. You can create some boxes, cups, and where your dog toys are kept. Once it’s done, you can unleash your energetic dog to find them all. Help him find the treats and enjoy finding them with your dog. 

  1. Tug Of War

Before trying this activity, make sure you have enough room to do it. Take a rope knotted at both ends so that it is easier for your dog to grab and hold it in his mouth. Dogs can stretch well so take care of the breakable items in the vicinity. The game is more fun if your dog is trained to understand grab and release commands as they can be naughty while doing it. 

Don’t let your dog turn aggressive, as the nature of the game includes strength and power. The game is a healthy display of predatory nature, provides excellent mental and physical exercise for your dog, and reinforces the human-canine bond. 

  1. Dog Grooming

Most dogs do not like the idea of grooming; however, while staying indoors, you can train your dog to ease into it. Dog grooming is a basic need and an essential part of owning a dog. You can brush your dog or can use a tool to remove the excess hair. Grooming is known to be a soothing, caring, and enjoyable activity for you and your dog.

Make sure that you know how to groom your dog at home as it involves proper training. Good grooming helps your dog feel great and feel its best, but do not consider this activity if you have zero training for it.

  1. Release Dog Collar And Fetch

Whether inside or outside in the park- the classic game of fetch always works. Fetch is one of my favorite dog games. You can use a ball, frisbee, softball and throw it down the staircase; your dog would run & grab it. It’s a great game if you take part in it. Make sure your pet has a lot of space to run and roam throughout the home. Check out dog toys Australia to grab some fantastic toys for your dog.

Additional Activities That Works Every Time-

  • Watch Dog Movies With Your Furry Friend

You can always keep your dog busy by watching dog movies with you. It is not always necessary to play with your dog; sometimes, spending some great time ensures good mental stimulation for your dog. Dogs can understand the moving images sometimes; check out whether your dogs enjoy watching movies or not. You can also try creating some funny reels with your friend as it’s a fun way to keep you and your dog entertained. 

  • Create An Indoor Obstacle Course

Increase your dog’s agility by creating an in-home obstacle course. It’s a fun way for you to bond with your dog. You can use cushions, cones or buy pet supplies online in Australia to create the course. Help your friend get through it and strengthen your relationship and build confidence. 


Indoor activities with your dogs can help increase stimulation, ensuring outstanding bonds with your dogs. They also help you identify the puppy’s instinctive needs and develop cognitive skills and confidence. There are various online buy pet supplies online in Australia that you can incorporate in your indoor activities, and let us know what do you think is the best activity turned out for your dog.

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