10 Ways To Keep Your Pet’s Coat Healthy And Shiny

10 Ways To Keep Your Pet’s Coat Healthy And Shiny

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Becoming a pup parent is among the most beautiful feelings you will ever experience. Every time you see your pupper, you’ll think of the very moment when you first saw those gleamy eyes or little paws running to you. Owning a pet is an enormous responsibility that presses you to regularly draw attention to your pupper at short intervals (basically 24*7).

A crucial part of becoming a pet parent is to make sure of your pup’s health. It includes providing your furry friend with enough exercise, premium quality food, and spending time with him. Apart from your canine’s mental stimulation, behavior, and physical health- you can gauge your dog’s well-being by their coat. We have also prepared an ultimate guide to raise a puppy for every first-time pet owner.

Just like humans feel best at a good hair day, similarly, dogs feel the same. Taking care of your pet’s coat builds a loving bond between the owner and the pet. Whether you have a manicured poodle or a greyhound, you can always maintain your pet’s clean, silky, and shiny fur.

Dog’s fur is made up of keratin, a type of protein that grows from the follicles on the inner layer of the skin. But after attaining a certain length, it ceases to grow and starts falling out.

We, humans, know with a better name- “Shedding.” There are different types of hairs in your dog’s coat- undercoat, the guard, and the whiskers. Each type serves a unique purpose in the life of your furry friend.

Let’s take a quick look into it- 


It’s the second coat beneath the outer coat that maintains the canine’s body temperature. It keeps the skin cool in summers and warm in winters.


The guard hairs are the pretty hairs that everyone sees. Just as the name suggests, guard hairs act as a stumbling block that repels water, protects your dog from harmful sun rays and insect bites. The guard hairs can be long, short, corded, smooth, or wire, depending on your pet’s breed. 


Whiskers are the thick, long, wire lookalike hairs protruding from a dog’s muzzle, jaw, and above eyes. They are deeply embedded into the skin and are packed full of nerves that send sensory messages to the dog’s brain.

Today, we will share 10 ways to keep your dog’s mane healthy and shiny. 

  1. Bathe your dog regularly

Bathing is a good habit that both you and your dog must agree to keep the fur healthy and shiny. But it doesn’t imply that you should bathe your pooch every day. So, what’s the magical number here? Well, it is recommended to bathe your dog once/twice a month.

Bathing your canine often will deprive the natural oils off their coat, causing dryness leading to a dull-looking coat. Go for a moisturizing shampoo and organic products to avert any skin allergy or irritation.

  1. Brush Your Dog

Good grooming is necessary to have glossy fur. Despite your pup’s fur type, you should brush your dog’s coat a couple of times a week. Make sure that you go for a brush that suits your dog’s fur. Find the appropriate dog accessories online or try the best pet shops in Australia for the most advantageous purchase. 

Brushing stimulates the surface and hair follicles, increasing skin oils’ production and eliminating dead hairs, tangles, dander, and old skin cells. Also, being a responsible pet owner, you can keep a check on ticks, fleas, and other parasites. Improved oxygen supply keeps the coat healthy and shiny. 

  1. Provide Quality Food

Nutrient-rich food plays a crucial role in your pup’s healthy coat. You cannot feed any food to your furry friend- it should be rich in nutrients. You can visit the best pet shops in Australia for authentic and high-quality premium food. 

An improperly balanced diet will reflect in your pet’s dull coat. Steer clear of any foods with grains like wheat, soy, or corn as they cause allergic reactions and provide little nutritional value to your pet. Go for something with a high protein percentage and amino acid content like chicken, turkey, or lamb to keep your dog on the path of shiny fur building. 

  1. Protect Your Dog Against Parasites

Fleas and ticks irritate your paw’s skin, making them constantly itch and bite the skin, such actions damage fur and the dog’s health. Since ticks are slower and more prominent, they are easily visible. For fleas, you need to run your hands over the different parts of your pet’s coat. Look for flea dirt- flea dropping concentrated in one area. 

One parasite called cheyletiella, AKA ‘walking dandruff’, can also find a place on your dog’s coat. Make sure that your dog is sprayed with medication every two weeks after consulting with your veterinarian.

  1. Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil works both internally and externally. It has various benefits such as keeps your pet’s coat shiny, fight infections, moisturizes the skin. Massage your furry friend with the oil for a few minutes, or add a few drops to your dog’s shampoo. Apply coconut oil after a bath to the dog’s fur to lock in the moisture.

Add a teaspoon of oil to your pet’s food once a day to promote shiny fur and healthy digestion.

  1. Try An Oatmeal Bath

If you have noticed your dog constantly itching, then you can surely try an oatmeal bath. It soothes your dog’s skin and adds silkiness to your canine’s fur. The best thing about an oatmeal bath is that it doesn’t cost you a fortune.

You can go for an oatmeal-based shampoo or can prepare it at home. All it involves is finely ground oatmeal in a tub of warm water for approximately 10 minutes and see you doggo enjoy the soak. Make sure to massage into the fur and skin for 10-15 minutes and rinse thoroughly. 

  1. Add Omega Fatty Acids To Your Dog’s Diet

Omega fatty acids possess linoleic acid that has anti-inflammatory effects and is effective for skin problems. You can also add fish oils or flaxseed oil to your dog’s diet. Omega-6 helps maintain a healthy coat preventing dry skin, hair loss, irritation, and fights infections. At the same time, omega-3 pumps your dog’s mood and eliminates pain in bones.

Ensure the quantity you are adding to your pooch’s diet as excessive fatty acids can upset your pet’s stomach leading to diarrhea. 

  1. Use Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements can help you maintain the healthy and shiny fur of your adorable friend. Go for supplements such as horsetail or spirulina that contains high levels of silica and are rich in protein & vitamin B. If you are considering herbal supplements, make sure to consult your veterinarian for the proper dosages.

Your vet will aid you in getting the quality supplements and define the right dosages as per the breed or the dog’s skin conditions.

  1. Protect Against Sand, Sun, Sea, And Chlorine

Your furry friend might enjoy basking in the sun for a short span or dive into the swimming pool for a nice bath, but being a responsible pet parent, you need to put a bar to the timeline for the same. Excessive sun exposure can lead to skin irritation. Similarly, seawater chlorine can damage your pet’s skin and fur, making it dull and spiky. 

Also, bathe your pet after a swim in the sea or pool. You can go for pet sunscreen with a minimum SPF-15 whenever your dog is exposed to the sun. Get doorstep delivery of premium products from the best pet stores in Darlinghurst.

  1. Talk To Your Vet

If your furry friend is persistently afflicted with itchy or flaking skin, consulting a veterinarian is the right solution. It can be parasites, fungus, or any other thing making a home on your pet’s coat. If you sense a foul odor on the dry fur after a bath might be a sign of fungal infection.

Your vet can check the type of skin your canine has- is it dandruff-prone skin or has a greasy coat. As every pup is different, all you’d want is to do the right thing for your dog. The fur can be maintained healthy, shiny, and silky with the proper treatment and a healthy diet.


We agree that all dogs are lovely, no matter how their fur looks. But having a clean and glossy pooch showcases a dog’s health. With the above 10 ways, you will keep your dog’s fur looking silky and lavish at all times. Always opt for regular vet consultation to avoid anything serious.

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